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28 May 2014 @ 10:26 pm
Selena has Lupus!  
According to In touch magazine (lol) Selena has lupus!

"Selena Gomez has officially joined Miley Ray Cyrus and Nicholas Jonas to battle living with a life threatening disease. Selena’s grandfather confirmed to In Touch that Selena is battling Lupus.
‘She’s in treatment. She’s getting along pretty good. She was working a lot. She was exhausted. She hardly takes some time out. There was some pressure, first because it’s a lot of work.. she was worried a lot about Justin.
The doctor was telling her she needs to take some time out. It’s just too much pressure what she’s going through. It’s just too much! She doesn’t have a single day’s break.. It’s getting to the point with all this pressure.. that it’s too much.’
Pray that Selena, Miley and Nick live long and don’t die early from illness!"

Source: in touch /twitter